Besos Pet Salon is where you will find friendly staffs, great atmosphere and a relaxing day for you and your pet. It was founded by Lisbeth Roca a mother of two, an animal advocate, and who knows what it takes to maintain your pet with proper care, attention and treatment using the right techniques. Besos Pet Salon was started taking in to consideration as to what it will be to establish a pet salon for grooming and styling our closest companions after all for their health, looks and happiness!

We are Proud Volunteers of Hopeful Hearts Animal Rescue

Welcome to Besos Pet Salon

Besos Pet Salon is located in the capital city of Canada. Ottawa, known for its beautiful rivers such as the Rideau Canal also known as Rideau Waterway. At our salon, spa and boutique - we offer pet grooming, clipping and styling, also products of interest. We are located at 1489 Merivale Road in the West Merivale Plaza near the intersection of Merivale and Clyde right across from CJOH-DT.

Besos Pet Salon is dedicated in providing superior services and support that you can find in the city for you and your loved one For us, we believe in the comfort of your pet and after all spoiling your best friend! The packages in the Product & Services page link contains competitive deals for both dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and personalities. A selection of herbal and mild shampoos are available for your love'd one with sensitive skin. Check out our a la carte services and other pets we accept at the salon. There is a boutique section once you walk-in where you will find items such as fancy leashes, collars, hand-made bandanas, doggy scarfs, ties and bows, grooming supplies, toys and treats (our home-made dogolates dogs go crazy for). Working area of the salon and equipments are always kept clean and tidy for pets safety. We uphold the highest standards for all of your needs!

Please have trust that your fur-baby will be safe and happy during the process of grooming (we call it pampered) with our many years experienced staffs. For your comfort and or training purpose you could inquire about a short video of the process taken to groom, or simply peek. Your pet will be having the time of their life getting lots of kisses, care, and attention while they are spa treated. While they are in our care have a great time shopping around the Cityview Skyline - Fisher Heights area and or getting other errands done for your self. No pets should regret a pet salon, specially at Besos Pet Salon!