Welcome to Besos Pet Salon

We Bring the Best Kisses From Your Pet!

Horray!! Besos Pet Salon has found a new location to operate out of; with Furry Tails which is located not too far from our previous location!

Lisbeth has acquired good friendship and a great contract to benefit Besos Pet Salon to continue moving forward with Furry Tails.
Lisbeth: “They are an amazing team of talent!! Chantal who is the owner of Furry Tails located at 1111 Cobden Road right behind IKEA and now that I have joined the team it only makes sense to keep Besos and its clients and building a strong relationship with the community to further pursue my grooming passion.”

NOTE: If you have provided your e-mail address during your pet registration, look out for our friendly news-letter and small ad’s that can keep us in touch and save on discounted items and services greatly! In the mean-time, we will be re-vamping our website geared toward online products/sales with a check-out future. Please do look out for it! ..Along with going back to our homemade Dogolates treats!

Knowing Your Pet!

Groomers are skilled in what they do. Not one pet is the same as another. We bond upon getting them comforted and feeling at home with us and at the grooming process.

We Take Our Time!

Our goal is to make sure that your pet is happy during the styling & grooming. We have what it takes to provide the best grooming experience for your pet making it a comfort zone for you and home-like feel.

They Give Back What You Give Back to Them!

There are assorted variations and techniques in training dogs, cats, and pets alike. The best training you can give them is sharing that of our positive energy and attitude at every possible chance to let them know how important and welcoming they are to the family.

Service beyond Extramile!

We know that your pet is your close companion and they deserve a good time when at Besos Pet Salon.  Do not hesitate to ask for any convenient measures that better suit for your pet or you. As a complement, we style your pet with a cute bandanna, kercheif, bow or a feather extension which they all love!